Selena Gomez Is Hosting A Quarantine Cooking Show On HBO Max, Here’s What To Expect

HBO Max launches just after Memorial Day weekend, the third of four major brands to bring its streaming library direct to consumers. It will arrive with several series, including some scripted dramas, documentaries, and of course, new content from both Sesame Street and Looney Toons for the whole family. But with the much-ballyhooed Friends reunion on hold and stay-at-home orders preventing new content from filming, the streamer is getting creative. The latest show announced features Selena Gomez hosting a quarantine cooking show where she learns how to make delicious meals.

Celebrities cooking has become one of the hidden gems of the quarantine cycle, with stars taking to Instagram to make some of their favorite foods. Florence Pugh, most recently seen as Amy in Little Women, was one of the first out of the gate, creating dishes worthy of The Great British Baking Show tent. Natalie Portman has been making her favorite vegan recipes to share with those who are interested in experimenting.

But while some celebrities have secret talents in the kitchen, there’s always been a market for famous people who can barely boil water, as Food Network’s ongoing Worst Cooks: Celebrity Edition proves. The channel is also launching Amy Schumer Learns To Cook later this month, another quarantine-home-based self-filmed creation. So why not go one better and bring in one of the pop firmament heavy hitters like Gomez and see how she does when confronted with a clove of garlic?

HBO Max’s announcement states the show, currently referred to as the Untitled Cooking Project, will run 10 episodes all told, and debut "later this summer." According to Deadline:

In a statement, Gomez said she was excited to dive into these cooking classes along with those watching at home.

The Untitled Cooking Project does not yet have a release date. It is currently expected to premiere not long after HBO Max’s launch on May 27, 2020.

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