Quality Street might be bringing out a new chocolate bar

The nation’s favourite Christmas chocolate brand, Quality Street, may be launching a new product.

Over the last few years, Quality Street has made a few changes, from ditching its iconic plastic wrapping to bringing back the honeycomb crunch chocolate. 

The brand even introduced packs of individual flavours, like The Purple One and Strawberry Delight, and then innovated even further, with sharing chocolate bars in two flavours: Orange Crunch and The Purple One. 

Well now, we’ve heard on the grape vine (okay, it was an Instagram account) that Quality Street is planning to bring out even more flavours for their chocolate bar range, including a Hazelnut Bar, which will be a mash-up of two flavours, The Purple One and – everyone’s favourite – the Green Triangle.

It would make for a delicious bar, melding hazelnut, chocolate and caramel together in one. 

The brand has kept somewhat quiet on any new products, so it’s unclear when, or even if, this new chocolate bar will hit the shelves.

When asked about the rumours, a Nestlé spokesperson told Metro.co.uk: ‘We are always trialling a number of different confectionery products  – we’ll have more news on new products soon, so watch this space.’

Sounds promising, right?

For now, we’ll simply have to wait and see – and collectively manifest a whole range of Green Triangle products in the meantime. 

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