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The Prince of Wales has long been an advocate for nature and preserving the environment. On his website under a section titled ‘Sustainability’, it states: “For over fifty years, The Prince of Wales has used his unique position to champion action for a sustainable future.” Often to some criticism, Prince Charles will frequently discuss the climate crisis, deforestation, and ocean pollution.

He champions many causes to do with tackling these issues and has used the Prince’s Trust to help combat climate change for many decades.

In a pre-recorded Zoom video, Prince Charles issued an inspiring statement on food systems and why it is so vital the food we consume is sourced sustainably.

The Prince of Wales issued the following message: “Ministers, ladies and gentlemen.

“I am most grateful for the opportunity to address this closing session, particularly as it gives me the chance to salute the leadership shown by the United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, and his special envoy Agnes Kalibata, who have so brilliantly mobilised the world in the run-up to this first of its kind summit.

“I speak to you today as someone who over the past 35 years has been a longstanding and practising advocate of developing a more sustainable approach to land use and food production.

“I need not stress how urgent it is that we achieve profound and rapid change in this sector.

“The way our food system operates affects our environment and our health every day of our lives but also the fragile health of our planet.

“The challenge we all face is to ensure that we turn the damage it currently does into something far more positive, and the only way to do that is to put nature back at the heart of the equation.

“Now I cannot think of a sector that is more literally central to the survival of our world.

“Roughly half of all the habitable land on earth is now used for agriculture.

“But far too often that agriculture, or to be exact Agri industry, destroys the natural systems on which it depends.

“In the last 50 years alone, more than a third of our farmable soil has been destroyed or degraded by human activity.

“The global food system is also responsible for more than a third of all greenhouse gas emissions, so how we produce market and consume food has a big impact on the earth’s capacity to sustain us.

“And that has a direct impact on human health and our economic prosperity.”

Most of the initiatives the Prince of Wales has taken on have something to do with sustainability.

For example, in 2004, Prince Charles founded The Prince’s Accounting for Sustainability Project.

This aims to inspire finance leaders to make a fundamental shift towards resilient business models which support a sustainable economy.

Also, in 2019 The Prince of Wales created the Sustainable Markets Initiative and Council, in collaboration with the World Economic Forum.

This was in response to the increasing threats posed by climate change and biodiversity loss, which the prince deeply cares about.

This video comes just hours after Prince Charles appeared in Staffordshire to commemorate a new police memorial.

The prince laid a wreath to honour the police who had sadly died and met with many families and loved ones of the deceased.

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