Oreo Temporarily Revives Cult Favorite Red Velvet Cookies

Oreo‘s Asia-exclusive flavors are often more adventurous than its Western offerings, though there’s always the occasional headline-worthy cookie. The latest Oreo cookie makeup to debut in the East, however, should be well-known to snack aficionados, as it took some petitioning to bring them back for the short time they were available.

Exclusive to Asian stockists, Oreo is introducing a new style of Red Velvet cookies just in time for the holidays. Offered for this season only, the red sandwich cookies feature Oreo’s cream cheese-flavored filling and their signature red tone, complete with a new package design exclusive to this special release. As is the norm for Asian Oreo offerings, they’ll be available in single sleeves or in a three-sleeved package for a limited time only.

Discontinued earlier in America earlier this year, Oreo has remained mum on plans to bring the flavor back to store shelves outside of Asia, though the snack company already has some big plans in motion for next year.

Hong Kong stores already have the special Oreo Red Velvet cookies in stock.

To safeguard its trademark recipe, Nabisco recently constructed an Oreo doomsday vault.
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