Mum's impressive Aldi food shop shows just how far £10 can go

A mum has stunned on Facebook by posting a photo of a huge spur-of-the-moment food shop on which she only spent £10.

Chantelle Monger posted the pic on Facebook group Feeding Your Family on a Budget, saying she only went out for milk.

She wrote: ‘We needed milk and I had a tenner and some change.

‘Was going to pop to the local shop, which would have meant I got milk and a few odd treats for the money.

‘I decided to nip to Aldi instead and just look what £10.16 gets you!’

The picture of the shopping in her car boot shows four frozen pizzas, two packs of instant noodles, a loaf of white bread, two packs of chocolate biscuits, four bars of white chocolate, butter, apples, and four pints of milk.

Her photo sits in pretty stark contrast to the ones parents took of the food parcels sent by firms on behalf of the Government to children entitled to free school meals.

One now-infamous photo shows food that a mum valued at around £5.22 if bought from Asda.

Chantelle’s post has proven pretty popular with people in the Facebook group, with over 2,000 likes under its belt so far.

One commenter wrote: ‘This is the reason I love Aldi! We are a family of seven and I can spend £40 on a week’s shop! Love it.’

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