McDonald’s hack for ‘guaranteed fresh, warm burger every time’

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A fast food fan has shared his method for a “guaranteed fresh, warm burger every time you visit McDonald’s”, however, the hack could become “diluted” if too many people try it out. TikTok user @drepaoofficial shares snack news and reviews with an audience of 209.8K followers.

The user says the key to a freshly cooked burger could depend on the time of day you visit your local branch.

In the video, he said: “McDonald’s hack. Do you want a guaranteed fresh, warm burger every time you visit McDonald’s?

“All you have to do is visit between the hours of 12pm and 2pm, and 5pm and 7pm, and make sure you ask for a receipt.

“This is when McDonald’s employees are told that they may get random spot checks checking for freshness and they know that an inspector always asks for a receipt.”

However, there is some disagreement over whether this hack is actually effective.

Users in the comments section of the TikTok video questioned how a teenager could pass as an inspector.

“Ok, but like I’m 14. I’m not gonna look like an inspector,” said Rachael.

Other commenters pointed out that their local McDonald’s always offers a receipt after ordering, regardless of whether or not you ask for it.

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There is also the problem of trying this hack too often.

On their Youtube page, a spokesperson for food and lifestyle brand Mashed said: “If you’re a frequent customer coming in at the same time every day, for example, there’s a good chance that they’ll catch on because inspectors definitely don’t have that level of consistency.

“If every McDonald’s customer gradually starts pulling this move, the power of doing so might become a tad diluted.”

In 2018, a former McDonald’s general manager told Business Insider that asking the staff to make up the food fresh will have the same results even if it takes a few extra minutes.

Mashed added: “Then again, simply asking for the receipt upfront might be enough to get their attention.

“By some accounts, asking for a receipt indicates that you might be a secret shopper or inspector.”

Instead, TikTok user and McDonald’s worker Alex Santos said you should just be specific about the type of burger you want.

He commented on the video: “I work there and this is not true at all. Just ask [for a] well done [burger]. That’s it.” [SIC]ym

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