Marutai Introduces Five New 'Bo-Ramen' Flavors

Japanese instant ramen producer Marutai has just unveiled five new flavors to its offerings. Founded in Fukuoka in 1947, the company is best known for its bo-style ramen. Bo means stick in Japanese, and these bo-ramen are so named as they’re straight, dried ramen noodles that are different from those wavy noodle blocks that seem to be more prevalent.

All five flavors celebrate Marutai’s 60th-anniversary of selling bo-ramen, and they come in bright packages that resemble the colors of their respective broths. The white package contains the “Hakata Tonkotsu” flavor; the red, “Tantan Mazesoba;” yellow, “Cheese Tonkotsu;” green, “Yuzukosho Chicken Shirayu;” and blue, “Blue Tonkotsu.” While the last one might seem like the strangest flavor out of the five, its pigment is natural as it comes from the blue-green algae that’s part of the recipe. Japanese food companies like to throw some curveballs at their customers sometimes to keep things fun and exciting, so you really won’t know how the blue ramen will taste until you try it.

Marutai’s new bo-ramen are currently available in five-piece sets on Makuake’s website for ¥3,987 JPY (approximately $38 USD).

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