Man gets tackled at bagel shop following rant about women and being short: 'You're not God or my father or my boss!'

Short guy in bagel shop claims to be ‘Martin Luther King Jr.’ of short men

Chris Morgan ranted to employees and patrons at a bagel shop, claiming women won’t date him because he’s too short.

After footage of a short man ranting at customers at a bagel shop went viral, the star of the video apparently proclaimed that he’s the “Martin Luther King Jr.” of short men.

Customers at Bagel Boss in Long Island were shocked when a seemingly enraged man, identified as Chris Morgan, started ranting at employees. In footage captured during the incident, he can be heard complaining about being treated poorly because he’s short and how women apparently don’t want to be with him.

Olivia Shea posted the footage to her Twitter account with the caption, “so in bagel boss this morning, the misogynistic d—-ebag seen in the video was degrading almost all of the female staff as well as other patrons. F— this guy.” Since she uploading it, the video has been viewed over 20 million times.

The incident occurred Wednesday around 9 a.m., The New York Post reports. It’s unclear what exactly sparked the tirade, but it appears he got upset when an employee of the bagel shop allegedly smirked at him.

“He just went totally nuts. He said ‘why are you smiling at me?'” a manager of the shop told the Post. “He started saying it’s because 'I’m short and nobody wants me.'”

After yelling at several customers and making comments about how women won’t date him, the man began challenging some of the male customers to fight him. The shocking footage ends with him getting tackled.

Police officers arrived at the Bagel Boss location around 9:20 in the morning, Buzzfeed News reports. At that time, no injuries were reported and no arrests were made.


Since then, the man has reportedly been identified by the Post as having a YouTube channel containing footage of himself confronting neighbors and other shop employees. In May, he filmed himself confronting a 7-Eleven employee who allegedly asked how tall he was (he claims he’s just under five feet), according to the video.

In the second part of the same clip, police officers arrive, and the man claims that he’s living in his car. The officers are then seen informing the man that he can file a police report but he can’t press charges for someone asking about his height.

After the incident at Bagel Boss went viral, the man is said to have appeared on Hot 97, a New York radio station. During the interview, he allegedly told the hosts that he considers himself ‘the modern Martin Luther King” of short people and continued to complain about women, Complex reports. He’s also reportedly considering pressing charges against the man who tackled him.


While many on social media posted jokes about the situation, there were also a number of posts from people who were concerned for his health. As one Twitter user put it, "Damn, can’t help but feel sorry for this guy; he needs counseling before he hurts himself or others."


Meanwhile, Bagel Boss appears to be taking the incident in stride. The establishment’s owner, Donald Rosner, took to Twitter and said, “After today’s incident everyone is ok! Use caution on dating sites and anyone who comes into our locations and mentions this video can get a FREE MINI BAGEL!”

Meanwhile, Morgan claims that his newfound viral fame has changed his luck with the ladies. “My phone is blowing up like the president,” Morgan told The New York Post. “I haven’t even got to my friends. I got girls hitting on me I don’t even know.”

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