Kate shares which Royal Family member eats all the Easter chocolate

Prince and Princess of Wales video call Casterton Primary Academy

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Easter is fast approaching and supermarket shelves are already stacked with chocolate eggs. Families across the country will be feasting on these sweet Easter treats this year, and the Royal Family are no exception.

The Wales family might be one of the most famous in the world, but that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy Easter like the rest of the nation.

In April 2020, Kate Middleton and Prince William caught up with Casterton Primary Academy over video call.

Casterton Primary is located near Burnley General Hospital in Lancashire, and many of pupils’ parents were key workers during the peak of the pandemic.

The now Prince and Princess virtually met a few young students – all wearing sweet Easter bunny ears – and had a look at their latest drawings.

At the end of the call, Kate shared how her family would be spending the Easter period.

As the teachers wished Kate and William a happy Easter, one of them remarked on the family having chocolate at their house.

To this William responded: “There will be a lot of chocolate eaten here, don’t worry.”

Kate then quipped “you keep eating it”, prompting a giggle from the teaching staff and her husband.

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Former royal chef Darren McGrady once spoke on his YouTube channel about the Prince’s love of chocolate.

He fondly recalled a young William coming down to the kitchen with mum Diana to enjoy an orange juice and a piece of chocolate cake.

He said: “I think William loved chocolate just as much as his granny. The Queen loved a chocolate biscuit cake so it’s no surprise to me that he chose the chocolate biscuit cake as his groom’s cake when he got married.”

He revealed that they had to share the coveted recipe with chefs at Highgrove House too so they could make it for William there.

According to the chef, this cake was the Queen’s “favourite” for afternoon tea, although she was also partial to a lemon cake, fruit cake, ginger cake or a jam and cream sponge.

It is rumoured that the Queen used to host a royal Easter egg hunt at Windsor Castle for the children.

The royals are a very foodie family and enjoy growing their own vegetables and cooking their own concoctions.

Kate Middleton once told Mary Berry that beetroot is a “massive favourite” for Prince Louis – he “absolutely loves” it.

Princess Charlotte has a penchant for olives and also “obviously loves Charlotte potatoes”.

The family love to cook together and have been known to make deliciously cheesy pasta and homemade pizzas using Mary Berry’s dough recipe.

Prince George is particularly fond of Italian food, with celebrity chef Aldo Zilli revealing that the future King is partial to a spaghetti carbonara.

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