‘I tried Sophie Wessex’s favourite gin and the taste was mind-blowing’

Sophie, Countess of Wessex’s favourite gin reviewed by Express

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In 2019, Sophie, Countess of Wessex paid a visit to the Silent Pool gin distillery, which is the maker of the UK’s No1 premier gin. Ian McCulloch, the founder of Silent Pool, told Express.co.uk that she “loved” the product and was given a “bottle as a parting gift”.

I tried the Silent Pool gin limited edition bottle made for the Platinum Jubilee last year, which I paired with some tonic water from Tesco for 75p.



After placing a few ice cubes in my glass, I poured one shot glass of the gin into my glass, topped up with tonic water.

The drink itself was absolutely delicious. Most gins that I’ve tried are quite sharp and drowned out by the tonic water flavour.

However, the Silent Pool gin has some sweet notes which pair really nicely with the more acidic tonic water.

It was undoubtedly the nicest gin I’ve ever tried, especially when compared to more mainstream brands in the supermarket.

The product’s description says: “Celebrate the Queen’s 70th jubilee with Silent Pools Limited edition gin.

“Aromatic floral notes complemented by red sandalwood providing woody notes underpinned by cubeb and cardamon.

“The finish is smooth, filled with juniper and spiced with bright citrusy pepper all underpinned with wild rose and herbaceous white tea.”

Mr McCulloch added: “The Countess likes the product, so we know she enjoys it.

“She doesn’t live that far away, as she’s only in Bagshot, which is half an hour’s drive.”

According to the gin expert, Sophie Wessex is the perfect target audience for their gin.

“From a target market point of view, Sophie would be in our target market. It’s quintessentially English, which she is.

“We have tried to create a modern take on an English classic. And in a funny way, she is a modern take on a modern Royal Family.

“She isn’t too old-fashioned, she’s modern, she looks cool, she dresses beautifully, she’s not overdone, she’s classy, elegant, she’s got a great turn of phrase, she’s relaxed.”

Other members of the Royal Family known to love gin include the late Queen Elizabeth II and also Kate Middleton.

Mr McCulloch even alluded to the fact that the late monarch may have approved of Silent Pool gin.

He explained: “We did hear that the classic bottle, which is the teal and copper one, had been gifted to Sandringham.

“It was on the drinks tray, as we got a whisper from somebody who knew, which is nice.”

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