I Am Now a Woman Who Subscribes to Sparkling Water, and I Accept My Extremely Millennial Fate

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Peaches be crazy.?

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UPDATE: In November, UGLY launched its newest flavor, watermelon. While Fall might not seem like the most opportune time for such a Summer-y taste, UGLY’s cofounder Hugh Thomas says he’s not particularly interested in rules about what you “should” drink in what season: “Watermelon in the cooler months . . . Why not?” The new flavor is available in stores in NYC and online now.

I admit it: when a box of sparkling water from Ugly Drinks showed up on my desk, I ignored it for several days. The ubiquity of sparkling water just feels so embarrassingly . . . millennial. The bubble-infused beverage has become such a mainstay in the diets and at the social gatherings of 20- and 30-somethings that it’s hard to remember how we hydrated before it. Why the obsession? Based on absolutely no research, I am certain we can chalk it up to two key factors: global warming (we’re thirsty!) and our generation’s propensity to drink less alcohol (we’re boring!).

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