Have you tried the Food Disgust Test? People are calling it the new Myers-Briggs

Forget personality tests and Buzzfeed quizzes – right now there is only one test the internet is talking about.

Have you heard of The Food Disgust test? To be honest we’re feeling a little queasy just at the thought of taking it, but we’re intrigued nonetheless.

The test was created by Christina Hartmann and Michael Siegrist at the Technical University of Zurich following their discovery that people’s feelings of disgust around food can be allotted into eight different categories.

The test consists of 32 statements about food where respondents must use a scale and mark where they feel is right from ‘disagree strongly’ to ‘agree strongly’.

Once the test is done you can find out what disgusts you the most and least surrounding food and you’re given a ‘food disgust score’.

It appears the Myers-Briggs test is out the window after the food disgust test went viral and people are now attempting to make each other feel disgusted with their lowest scores.

If you don’t like eating bruised fruit then it’s likely that you have fruit or vegetable disgust – especially if there is discolouration or a mushy texture.

Fish disgust is usually simply from the smell of raw fish meat while those with disgust at insect contaminations usually lose their appetite if they see a big in their food.

For some it’s just the association of bugs, worms and insects with food or even just seeing a bug elsewhere while eating.

Take the food disgust test yourself to find out your results.

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