Guinness unveils new cold brew coffee beer in the UK

It seems Guinness is the drink on everyone’s mind at the moment – as sales have soared by 30% since lockdown.

But a new product launch might tempt those who are still slightly unsure about a pint of the black stuff.

Guinness has brought out a new cold brew coffee beer – designed to be enjoyed on-the-go or in the sunshine.

The new beverage combines cold brew with Guinness draught – and boasts roasted barley flavours to balance the notes of coffee, chocolate and caramel.

Available from today, April 19, the drink will be on offer in Tesco stores and in additional supermarkets and off-licences over the coming months.

It’ll come in the form of a 440ml can and will have an alcohol content of 4%. And the brand say it’s best served ice cold – either straight from the can or in a glass.

John Burns, head of Guinness, says: ‘We firmly believe we have created a taste experience truly unrivalled in the market and with over 95 million cups of coffee being consumed every day in Great Britain alone, now is the moment to offer a product which plays to an excitingly vast consumer space. 

‘There is already a natural connection with coffee notes in Guinness’ signature offerings like Draught and Extra Stout, so the creation of Guinness Cold Brew Coffee Beer was a perfect match.’

The launch follows the success of the roll-out in the US, and we have a feeling UK Guinness fans will be eager to give it a go – considering how much of a passion-point the stout is.

Perhaps it’s a similar vibe to an espresso martini – but with a beer twist?

Stay tuned for our taste test to find out more.

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