Grab your pals, the Friends-themed cafe is now open in a Manchester Primark

Could there be any more Friends-inspired things in the world?

The thirst for the iconic TV sitcom is unrelenting as the Friends-themed cafe people have been waiting for has just opened in a Primark store in Manchester.

Those obsessed with New York’s most famous six friends can visit the establishment while shopping at the budget retailer.

Styled after the famous cafe, Central Perk can be found inside the Primark and offers light refreshments while you take a break from all the shopping.

You can enjoy breakfast or a light lunch and snack on baked goods while drinking coffee from their signature mugs.

And did it really happen if you didn’t Instagram it? The iconic orange velvet sofa is part of the cafe too, providing the perfect photo opportunity to take some selfies.

The cafe – with similar neon coffee signs – is bigger than the one we see on set in the classic American show too, so you can grab a bunch of your own pals and enjoy the experience.

You can expect to see plenty of shout outs to the sitcom, from prints of Marcel the monkey, chick and duck, a holiday armadillo, and a sticker reading ‘my name is Regina Phalange’.

And of course, your Central Perk journey would not be complete without the tune of I’ll Be There For You by The Rembrandts.

Though more gimmicky than an average cafe, Central Perk boasts similar prices to its high street counterparts, offering a range of coffees, starting from 99p for a filter coffee, up to £2.75 for a large mocha.

You can also get iced coffees, teas, soft drinks as well as desserts like waffles. Those with a bigger appetite can go for sandwiches that Joey Tribiani would approve of.

Those who really want to commemorate the experience can even go home with a few bits of merchandise.

Some of the things on offer include water bottles for £8, flip-flops for £2, £3 eye masks.

You can deck out your own bedroom with Friends bedding too, costing £14 for a single set. A Friends Monopoly is also available for £25 and just for the banter, an inflatable lilo with the word ‘pivot’ written on it for £10.

If coffee shop hangouts are your thing, you could even end up watching an episode of the TV show at the cafe.

How meta.

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