FYI: This Sparkling Rosé in a Can Is Low-Calorie, So It's Time to Celebrate!

The best thing about Summer day drinking: deliciously fruity drinks. The worst thing about Summer day drinking: the inevitable fruity drink midday hangover. However, just like the new Michelob Ultra Infusion Beer line, Archer Roose believes in creating adult beverages that are light, tasty, and perfectly suited for warm weather. This four-pack of Archer Roose Spritz Rosé Cans ($11) is definitely not your parents’ stuffy wine — they don’t require a corkscrew, wine glass, or any pretension to enjoy.

Instead, this sparkling rosé — sourced from a sustainable winery in Luberon, in the heart of Provence in France — offers the sweet taste of raspberries, lavender, and strawberries, and all for only 90 calories and a six percent ABV. The best part: unlike your typical bottle of rosé, these little spritzers won’t leave you with a pounding headache.

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