Four banana storage hacks ‘tested’: Best way to keep them fresh for weeks is ‘surprising’

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Bananas are a delicious cupboard staple, but keeping them fresh long enough to eat can be tricky. For those who don’t like overripe bananas, it’s a race against the clock to eat the bunch.

A five times World Record Grower, who goes by Tomato Dave, has 271,000 on his TikTok account where she shares his gardening tips.

He has amassed over 1 million “likes” on the app.

Alongside his veg, fruit, and plant growing tips, he also shares food storage hacks.

In one video, he put together a test of some of the most common hacks to keep bananas fresh.

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He undertook the experiment, writing: “We tried four storage methods. The results were surprising”

He tested four popular methods, often recommended to keep bananas fresh.

These included wrapping the ends of the whole bunch with cling film, wrapping the end of individual bananas in cling film, and storing bananas with and away from other fruit.

So, which method was the most effective at keeping the bananas from going ripe?

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Well, according to the fruit and veg aficionado, there was “no real difference”.

All the bananas had gone a mellow shade of yellow, with brown spots and soft flesh.

Tomato Dave said: “Best recommendation: Cut and store overripe bananas in the freezer for smoothies.”

The results of the test fly in the face of many foodies who believe they hold the key to keeping their bananas from going ripe.

Tips to keep bananas fresh

Wrapping stems in clingfilm

Armen Adamjan is the content creator behind Creative Explained. He detailed his hack to keep bananas fresh for a whole week. 

He explained: “Separate all the bananas and then wrap each banana stem with plastic wrap.

“Doing this slows down the ethylene production and keeps your bananas fresh for seven days.”

Hang them away from other fruit

Keep bananas away from the likes of tomatoes, apples, peaches, avocados, and figs. These hasten the ripening process by releasing a chemical called ethylene.

Add lemon to peeled bananas

Peeled bananas can have their life extended by tossing them in lemon or lime juice. This is because the citrus slows down the oxidation of the fruit.

Use the fridge and freezer

Once your bananas are as ripe as you want them, pop them in the fridge to slow down their ripening. If you want to keep bananas for a longer time, pop them in the freezer.

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