Expert reveals why you should never store your milk in the fridge door

Most of us store our milk in the fridge door.

It’s what we have always done and most of us just presume it’s the correct thing to do.

However, an expert has now revealed why you should never store your carton of milk in the fridge door. And we will most definitely change our fridge filling ways.

Chris Beasley, from the home insurance company Smart Cover, has revealed how to organise your fridge to ensure your food and drinks last as long as possible.

Chris explains in detail that each food should have a specific place in your fridge.

Most importantly, he notes that milk lasts longer when stored away from the fridge door.

‘Door compartments are actually warmer than the rest of the fridge,’ he says.

‘If you find your milk isn’t lasting very long, try storing it in the main storage area instead.’

Chris advises that sauces and condiments have a longer shelf life and are better suited to being stored in the door section.

‘Condiments and sauces tend to have a longer shelf life and don’t need to be stored at a specific temperature in the fridge, so they will usually last okay in the door or on the top shelf,’ he explains.

Finally Chris urges people to not overfill your fridge. Having a fridge that is too full can prevent air circulating properly between food items. This means some products will not get the cold air they need.

He adds: ‘Stacking stuff on top of each other will prevent air circulating between your goods and cold air getting everywhere that it needs to.

‘This means your fridge has to work harder and your food will go off quicker.’

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