Dr Pepper's Newest Flavor Gives the Classic Soda a Dark (and Tasty) Twist

The classic taste of Dr Pepper is getting a dark (and fruity) update. For the first time in five years, the soda brand is rolling out an all-new flavor called Dark Berry that’ll make your taste buds go crazy.

Despite its name, Dr Pepper Dark Berry wasn’t designed to taste just like one specific berry. The limited-edition drink will blend the taste of classic Dr Pepper soda with blackberry, black currant, and black cherry flavors, and it appears to be inspired by the upcoming release of Spider-Man: Far From Home, which makes its theatrical debut on July 5. Dark Berry comes in special packaging that features Spider-Man imagery and will be available at grocery stores nationwide starting May 1. Considering how popular cherry-flavored Dr Pepper is, this is another one that you might want to try to get your hands on before it’s too late.

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