Domino's is now doing a kebab pizza

The coronavirus pandemic has meant saying a momentary goodbye to many things – hugs, holidays, going about your day without worrying about a massive invisible threat.

One that we truly miss is the joy of going on a proper night out.

We didn’t appreciate it before, but picture it now: dancing on a sticky floor with a light sheen of sweat, knocking back the shot your too-drunk friend bought for ‘fun’, singing off-tune with a group of even more drunk strangers on the night train home.

Ah, what a time it was.

While we can’t fully recreate the disgusting joy of going out out while staying in in, Domino’s is here to help in their own special way.

Remember how after a night out, you’d do the obligatory stop off at whatever late night fast food shop you could find, and pick up something you would never normally eat sober, but that is absolutely delicious while slightly hammered?

Well now you can get that specific part of the nighttime experience delivered, as Domino’s has gone ahead and put a kebab on a pizza.

Yep, the Beef Doner Pizza is very much what you’re imagining: pizza dough with the usual tomato sauce and cheese, but with beef doner slices, fresh tomatoes, red onions, and a drizzle of Frank’s RedHot Sauce.

Is it remotely good for you? No.

Is it the refined dining you’re missing now restaurants are closed? Also no.

But does it capture the mingled regret and pleasure of getting yourself a kebab and chips after a night out? Absolutely, yes.

If you fancy ordering one, you can do so from today – with contactless delivery so it’s Covid safe – with a large coming in at £18.99.

Be warned that this is a limited edition item, so it’s not clear exactly how long it will be around for, but here’s hoping it’ll see us through those cold nights in until we’re back out on the town once more.

Domino’s representative Josh Engleman said: ‘We’ve gone and done it again. First the Cheeseburger and now the Beef Doner.

‘A kebab is a thing of beauty, as is a Domino’s pizza so combining the two makes perfect sense.

Franks RedHot drizzle will provide the heat, but no kebab is complete without a bit of garlic sauce. Thankfully, we have the perfect answer in the form of our famous Garlic & Herb dip. A marriage made in heaven.’

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