Chrissy Teigen Celebrates Her First Hanukkah with Cookbook Co-Author: ‘Just a Beautiful Night’

Happy Hanukkah from the Teigen-Legend family!

Chrissy Teigen celebrated Hanukkah for the first time on Thursday, sharing the special night with her family, as well as her pal and cookbook collaborator Adeena Sussman, who is normally based in Tel Aviv when she's not working with Teigen.

“Hanukkah is awesome,” Teigen, 35, said on her Instagram Story as her friend prepared some mouth-watering latkes. “Why have I not been doing this? Christmas, what the heck?”

In addition to helping light the menorah before sitting down to the meal, Teigen and daughter Luna Simone took turns spinning the dreidel.

“Mommy! Mommy!” her 4-year-old daughter could be heard calling out in one video, as Teigen eagerly watched to see which side the toy would land on.

“So wonderful to spend my first Hanukkah with @adeenasussman,” she wrote alongside a collection of videos from the festivities.

“We had the most beautiful night full of gut laughing, 1000 hour brisket and latkes both eaten and ubered around the city,” she wrote, giving a shoutout to hairstylist Jen Atkin, who was one of the recipients of the tasty leftovers.

Teigen went on to highlight one of the stars of the meal, affectionately writing that “applesauce is my new jam (HAHA get it).”

“I successfully memorized all the sides of the dreidel – especially shin. And we got to FaceTime dad in!” she added. “Man. Just a beautiful night. Thank you thank you @adeenasussman – I will never forget this.”

Teigen recently shared a loving tribute to Sussman, who co-wrote Cravings and Cravings: Hungry for More — and is also collaborating with Teigen on a third cookbook.

Reflecting on how they spent Thanksgiving together, Teigen shared a photograph of the pair embracing in the kitchen.

“Yesterday was much needed. and I terribly missed working in this kitchen. we aren’t living here any longer as it is for sale but we snuck back so @adeenasussman and I could give it one last hug,” she wrote. “The goodbye had always felt unfinished but now I can breathe.”

“Thanksgiving was perfect and beautiful,” she added.

In her own message, Sussman praised Teigen as being her "culinary mind-meld."

“Confession: For a whole host of reasons, I’d never actually cooked a Thanksgiving dinner. Until yesterday, when I did it with Chrissy who, along with John, the kids, and Pepper has been my pod for the past couple of months, a warm and vibrant host family in the often unwelcoming times we’re all dealing with,” she wrote.

“I relished the opportunity to make a special meal with and for special people, who have made their home my home and who afford me the great gift of feeling truly and completely comfortable in their sacred, private spaces,” she added. “Cooking with Chrissy, my culinary mind-meld, kitchen truth-serum, most fun cookbook co-conspirator and dear friend, is always simultaneously exciting and relaxing, and yesterday was no exception.”

Continuing, she wrote. “With nothing else on the horizon but watching pound after pound of butter disappear until the armful that we procured was gone (and we could have actually used more!), time dissolved into sunset as each dish was checked off the list, the table was set, and we sat down to take stock of the day and, equally, the past weeks and months. There has been, laughter, tears, and many, many meals, a tempering of the world’s challenges with life’s simple pleasures and for me an undeniable sense of gratitude. Love you @chrissyteigen.”

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