Chip and Joanna's Coffee Shop, Magnolia Press, Is Opening Soon! Read the Charming Details

Chip and Joanna’s Coffee Shop, Magnolia Press, Is Opening Soon! Read the Charming Details

Chip and Joanna Gaines continue to give their fans what they want: decor inspiration, their signature aesthetic, and, in this case, caffeine. Earlier this year, a spokesman for the couple’s Magnolia lifestyle brand confirmed they would be opening a coffee shop in Waco, TX, in the Fall. Now, a name for the coffee shop has been announced: Magnolia Press.

Joanna recently explained the inspiration behind the name in a blog post: “When our team brainstormed on the name we kept coming back to this idea of a french press and the slower (but very rewarding) process of making a rich, good cup of coffee.” She went on to share how Magnolia Press will maintain a sense of “familiarity” with long communal tables and big leather chairs that just suck you in. Joanna added, “It felt symbolic for what we hope people find here with us — a spot to slow down, to take it all in, and to simply savor the moment.”

It was previously reported by the Waco-Tribune Herald that the forthcoming coffee shop will feature indoor and outdoor seating, as well as a convenient to-go window. (There will, of course, be pastries, in addition to coffee and tea.) For anyone already making arrangements, it will be located at 418 S. Eighth St. — around the corner from the famously repurposed silos.

Magnolia Press will join the many other businesses the former Fixer Upper hosts have opened in the town. In addition to the Magnolia Market home store, Chip and Joanna have also opened the Silos Baking Co., known for its rich cupcakes, as well as the Magnolia Table sit-down restaurant, which offers a hearty menu and breakfast all day. As you await the coffee shop’s grand opening, check out very pleasing pictures of Chip and Joanna’s existing food ventures ahead.

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