Chili's selling a gallon of margarita to-go, offering special deal for restaurant's birthday

Coronavirus lockdown: People are buying tons of alcohol

Alcohol sales has seen a marked increase recently amidst the COVID-19 outbreak. Here’s where different spirits now stand.

Nothing says “happy birthday” like a gallon of margarita.

It can be difficult to plan a celebration these days amid the pandemic. Due to various lockdown regulations across the country, restaurants may not be open, or may not be able to serve large groups of people. Meanwhile, some would-be customers may not feel comfortable going out, and would rather stay home.

Thankfully, Chili’s is making the best of things by giving customers an easy way to celebrate both in its restaurants and at home.

Chili’s is giving its customers the option to celebrate its birthday either in the restaurant or from the comfort of their home.

Chili’s will be offering its Presidente Margaritas for $3.13 on March 13, the company’s birthday. According to a press release, the restaurant chain will also be offering a to-go item for people that can’t make it to the restaurant: gallon margaritas to-go.

The gallon margaritas will first be made available for sale on March 1 for $40, and go on a birthday bargain sale for $30 on March 13.


“Another trip around the sun and we’re truly excited to celebrate our birthday yet again with our guests. While we continue to put the safety of our guests and team members first — practicing social distancing, wearing face masks, using enhanced cleaning procedures and limiting capacity in our dining rooms — we’ve also made it easy for our guests to order online and pick up these margarita specials to-go,” said Michael Breed, vice president of marketing.

For those getting the party started within their own kitchen, Chili’s says the Presidente Margarita is hand-shaken precisely 25 times when ordered in the restaurant.

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