Cadbury Dream bar on sale in UK stores again

Remember the Cadbury Dream bar? A delicious white chocolate, which was first launched in 2002 but later discontinued.

For years, fans have been calling for its return and now we have some good news – it’s on sale here once more.

Although the bar was discontinued here, it was still made and sold in Australia.

Last year, online brand GB Gifts started to import them from Australia and they are on sale on their website for £5.99.

Now, the same 180g Australian bars are on sale for £2.99 at B&M.

The bars were spotted by Johns Snack Reviews and the discount store confirmed that they were selling the bars.

Cadbury did launch a white chocolate range, sold exclusively at Asda last year but lots of shoppers said it wasn’t the same.

The Dream is made with white chocolate and cocoa butter to give it that creamy taste.

They’ve also brought other Cadbury bars available outside the UK to their stores – including the Top Deck, sold in South Africa, and the Mint Creme and Moro, also available in Australia.

They’re also selling Old Gold bars, produced by Cadbury in Australia, in roast almond and peppermint flavours.

Unfortunately, B&M doesn’t sell any products online so you’ll have to keep a lookout in stores. You can find your nearest one here.

B&M stores remain open during lockdown as they sell grocery products and hardware items.

Sadly, Cadbury doesn’t have any plans to relaunch the Dream bar in the UK so the imported bars are your only opportunity to have some if you’re a fan.

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