Brace Yourselves, Muggles—This 60-Pound Gingerbread Hogwarts Is Seriously Impressive

Many people will make gingerbread houses in the next few weeks—you know, basic, candy-topped structures. Those people are Muggles. For my fellow witches and wizards, Reynolds Kitchens created a gingerbread masterpiece fit for a Harry Potter Christmas celebration in the Great Hall. The “Magical Gingerbread Castle” you see below is an enormous gingerbread version of everyone’s favorite school (Hogwarts, obviously).

According to Food & Wine, the completely edible Hogwarts look-alike took “approximately 30 hours” over “three full days” to build.

The castle was built by Urban Icing, a Chicago-based cake shop. They used a mix of gingerbread, cake, crispy rice treats, and fondant to make the replica, which is 48-inches wide, 36-inches long, and 36-inches high. The whole thing weighed about 60 pounds…so probably the equivalent of two Dobbys?

According to the mag, the gingerbread castle was never displayed or even eaten, sadly, but rather it was “deconstructed.” We reached out to Reynolds Kitchens for more information about the Magical Gingerbread Castle and we will update as we hear back.

Check out their DIY gingerbread house video (it won’t take you 30 hours, promise), and then watch the Magical Gingerbread Castle come together below:

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