Apparently 'you haven't lived' until you try this McDonald's hack

If you often find yourself swaying between burgers when you get to the McDonald’s ordering station, this hack is one for you.

Shared on TikTok by @melika_zaidi, it’s a real ‘why not both?’ tip, creating a hybrid burger to satisfy your hunger pangs.

Melika showed her creation with the caption, ‘you haven’t lived until you’ve combined a mayo chicken with a double cheeseburger.’

You can probably see where she’s going with this, as she then takes the top bun off the double cheeseburger and places it under the bottom bun of the mayo chicken.

Not only do you get a huge burger that features both beef and chicken, it’s also a great value option for hungry folks on a budget.

A mayo chicken costs 99p, while a double cheeseburger is £1.49. That means you’re getting three patties and all the trimmings for less than a Big Mac, which costs £3.49 on its own.

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It’s a controversial tip, with the comments underneath Melika’s video showing a nation divided over the burger.

‘This feels illegal,’ said one, while another added: ‘Feel physically ill.’

On the positive side, many tagged their friends suggesting they should try it, and another wrote: ‘Omg never even thought of this.’

If you don’t fancy the extra bread layer, you can simply pop your chicken mayo patty in among your double cheeseburger. But when there’s the option for more bread, why would you deprive yourself?

If you’d rather have the McD’s signature Big Mac, this hack can get you a lifetime discount.

Never pay more than £1.99 for your burger and fries again, just by keeping a receipt.

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