Aldi Just Dropped the Most Delicious & Decadent Ice Cream Treats & We're Adding Them All to Our Shopping List

Do you consider yourself an ice cream connoisseur? Then head to Aldi because the grocery chain currently has quite the tasting menu. Aldi has a fun selection of ice cream desserts in its freezer section right now and you’re definitely going to want to try them all.

The first delicious find is called the Stracciatella Dipped Cookie, which is perfect for all you hazelnut and chocolate lovers. It’s chocolate chip ice cream nestled between two cocoa cookies and then dipped into cocoa glaze dotted with hazelnut and wafer bits.

“Umm ok @aldiusa I see you pulling out all the stops with these ice cream flavors!!” the creator behind the Aldi Made Me Do It Instagram account wrote in a recent caption. “The first one sounds like Ferraro rocher meets an ice cream!! Swipe right and see fricken MACAROON ICE CREAM SANDWICHES! (Definitely reviewing those tonight!) It was so hard to choose ice cream I wanted them all!!”

The same maker of the Macaron Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwiches also released two boxes of premium ice cream bars made with Belgian chocolate. And there’s also a new line of pre-made ice cream cones done in fun themes like unicorn, mermaid, and galactic.

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“That macaron was the best thing I’ve ever tasted,” one person wrote in the comments, with another person seconding, “The macaron sandwiches are SO GOOOOD.”

And although the macarons were an instant hit, someone else said that the Unicorn Cones were their pick out of the bunch. “The unicorn cones are my fav,” they wrote.

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