A northern chef created his own take on Salt Bae's menu with gold-wrapped pies

One Lancashire chef has given his menu a Salt Bae-inspired makeover, although the price points don’t quite match up.

Nusret Gokce, 38, commonly known as Salt Bae, the internet famed butcher-turned-steakmonger who opened his first restaurant in London earlier this year, charges hundreds of pounds for gold-slathered food.

While he has been criticised for the high price points, numerous celebrities have visited the Knightsbridge restaurant for a near-£700 giant Tomahawk steak or a gold-coated steak that comes in at a whopping £1,500. 

But Gareth Mason, 33, wants to prove the dousing food in gold and charging through the roof for it is nothing more than a ‘gimmick’.

At Absolute Bar and Bistro in Westhoughton, Bolton, where Gareth is head chef, gold-wrapped chips, bacon and gold sausage butties and a 24-carat carrot can now be found on a makeshift menu.

Of course, Gareth had to cover his signature Whist Pies, mini meat pies popular in Lancashire, in edible 24-carat gold leaf, too.

It looks good, too.

But while diners at Salt Bae’s Nusr-Et can expect to pay a small fortune for a gold-coated burger, Gareth’s dishes were valued at just 5p by a local jewellery store.

Diners at Absolute Bar and Bistro, on the other hand, can get a pie and pickle platter for £12. 

‘It’s more Morecambe Bay than Salt Bae,’ says Gareth. ‘We’ve got the traditional Lancashire dishes covered in gold for a fraction of the price you’d pay at his restaurant.’

Gareth isn’t the first to dupe Salt Bae’s extravagant menu. 

TikTok and YouTube star Harrison Webb recreated Salt Bae’s £1,500 gold-coated steak at home for just £65.

Gareth says that wrapping food in gold is ‘unjustifiable’ and likens Salt Bae to a con artist. 

‘It just shows that wrapping food in gold is sheer stupidity,’ he says.

‘There’s no price that can justify it. It adds nothing at all to the food, it tastes of nothing and it just dissolves on contact. It’s just a gimmick for appearances.

‘Getting a steak and wrapping it in gold doesn’t make it worth £800. There has to be a barrier of stupidity.

‘This guy is making himself a multi-millionaire from conning people. The joke is on the customer if they’re willing to pay that.’

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