38 Captions For Pizza Date Night When You’re Being Cheesy & Cute With Bae

There’s nothing better than grabbing a pie with your main slice. A couple who can also agree on the same toppings may very well be one that’s truly MFEO. Though, whatever pizza you decide to order, you need to ask for a side order of captions for pizza date night.

Pizza is always a good idea whether you plan a cozy night in, or you want to check out a trendy restaurant for drinks and a pie with boo. If you live in NYC, you could grab a slice from Artichoke Pizza, and then have a romantic stroll along The High Line. You could also grab a dollar slice while you’re walking around the East Village on your way to a comedy show or karaoke bar. Don’t forget to snap a cute selfie when you both take your first bite.

If you decide to stay in, you could make your own pie with every topping your hearts desire. Have fun cooking in the kitchen with your partner, and then celebrate your culinary skills by feasting on the couch while marathoning your fave Netflix show. Those both sound like dream date nights that need to happen ASAP, and for every cute photo that’s snapped along the way, use these 38 pizza date night captions to make them just as tasty.

1. "Sorry for the extra cheese, but aren’t we just the cutest?"

2. "Warning: This selfie with bae is extra cheesy."

3. "I’d put pineapple on my pizza for you."

4. "You may have stolen a pizza my heart, but you can’t have the last slice of pizza."

5. "In love we crust."

6. "It’s been a real slice." — Hercules

7. "I pepperoni-ly have eyes for you."

8. "Here are the two things I cannot live without: pizza and bae."

9. "I’d share my personal pizza with you."

10. "I love you to pizzas."

11. "The best and cheesiest date night."

12. "I love how cheesy we can be."

13. "The only party I like is a pizza party."

14. "You’re really grate."

15. "Stole a pizza my heart."

16. "You always make me happy. You must be pizza."

17. "Every pizza me loves every pizza you."

18. "No matter how you slice it, I love you."

19. "However cheesy it may be, I just wanted to say I love you."

20. "I like my date nights Chicago-style (pizza)."

21. "After this, let’s get pizookies."

22. "No matter what, pizza is always the answer."

23. "I’m actually in a very serious relationship with this pizza."

24. "Thanks for loving pizza just as much as me."

25. "Felt cute, might eat pizza later."

26. "Get you a bae who likes all the same pizza toppings as you."

27. "We’re just here for the pizza."

28. "I’ll be your pizza queen if you be my pizza king."

29. "It doesn’t matter where we go. As long as there’s pizza there, I’m happy."

30. "All you need is love… and pizza."

31. "When you don’t know what to do for date night, order pizza."

32. "I love you more than pizza, and that’s saying a lot."

33. "We’re pineapple on pizza kind of people."

34. "You are the cheese to my pepperoni."

35. "Don’t settle for thin crust when you deserve stuffed crust."

36. "You give me pizza, and I’ll give you my heart."

37. "Love and pizza is all we need."

38. "Do you fancy a pizza with me?"

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