22 of the best things to get at Aldi this month for under $5

  • Aldi, a budget-friendly grocery store chain, is offering an array of spooky items throughout October for under $5.
  • You’ll find many fall flavors on every shelf, including pumpkin, apple, and butternut squash.
  • Some of the top items include pumpkin-shaped pizza, Halloween-themed pasta, and everything-bagel dip.
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Just in time for spooky season, Aldi is offering some seasonal items to get you in the festive spirit.

Whether you're planning a virtual Halloween party with friends and family or just cozying up with snacks to watch scary movies, these products are affordable and fun. 

From pumpkin-shaped pizzas to fall-scented candles, here are the best Aldi finds coming to stores in October for under $5:

Stock the fridge with some Specially Selected salted-caramel cheesecakes.

Indulge in this individual salted-caramel cheesecake that's just the right size to satisfy your sweet tooth. Each container is just $1.99, so everyone can have their own.

Slice up Mama Cozzi's Pizza Kitchen Halloween pumpkin-shaped pizzas.

This cute, pumpkin-shaped pizza is the perfect dinner for kids and kids-at-heart.

The cheesy pie is topped with butternut-squash sauce and cheddar cheese, and it even comes with triangular-shaped mozzarella slices for eyes and a squeezable mascarpone sauce for a mouth so you can make your own jack-o'-lantern.

Mama Cozzi's Pizza Kitchen has a sweet-potato crust pizza that's great for fall.

This sweet-potato crust pizza will satisfy your cravings for fall-flavored food. The slightly-sweet crust is topped with cheese, barbecue sauce, chicken-sausage slices, cilantro, and red onion for just $4.99.

Cook up the spookiest dinner with Reggano's Halloween-shaped pasta.

For October, enjoy these Halloween-themed pasta noodles with shapes like pumpkins, spiders, and bats.

Each festive bag is $1.99.

Make a hearty pasta dish with Specially Selected pumpkin sauces.

The perfect companion to the Halloween-shaped pasta, these seasonal sauces are full of fall flavors. 

Go sweeter with the pumpkin and butternut-squash option, or add a little heat with the pumpkin-chipotle flavor for $2.49 a jar.

Even your mornings can be ghoulish with Barissimo's Halloween coffee.

Lean into the Halloween spirit with these spooky coffee blends.

You can choose between either Raven's Roast, an Ethiopia single-origin coffee, or the Sleepy Hollow Blend — and at $3.99 a bag, you can try both and still stay on budget.

The seasonal coffee will feel even more festive in these Crofton Halloween mugs.

These Halloween-themed mugs are just $1.99 each, and they'd be great gifts for friends, coworkers, and teachers.

Baker's Corner quick bread and muffin mix is an easy and affordable option.

Even a novice baker can get behind this quick and simple mix for pumpkin bread or muffins. For $1.69 a box, it's an affordable snack or breakfast option. 

It'll be hard to choose between the pumpkin-spice and caramel-apple cupcake mixes.

If the crisp air and cooler weather have you in the mood to bake, you can whip up these fall cupcakes in either caramel-apple or pumpkin-spice flavors.

Each box, which includes the cupcake mix and the frosting, is only $2.39.

Bring the pumpkin patch to your kitchen with Bake Shop pumpkin-spice doughnuts.

Aldi is bringing the pumpkin patch to you with these delicious pumpkin doughnuts. Each half-dozen is $3.49.

Bake Shop apple-cinnamon or pumpkin-spice muffins are great for on-the-go breakfasts.

Perfect for a quick breakfast, these apple-cinnamon and pumpkin-spice muffins are an ideal treat for fall. Plus each four-pack is only $2.99.

Cozy up for a movie night with these Stonemill flavored popcorn seasonings.

The weeks leading up to Halloween are the perfect time to watch eerie films and spooky shows, and no movie night is complete without some freshly popped popcorn.

Satisfy everyone's taste buds with these popcorn seasonings in unique flavors, such as kettle corn, cheesy jalapeño, caramel corn, and cheesy caramel, for $1.79 a bottle.

Clancy's has some cocktail-inspired chips available this month.

For just $1.89 a bag, you can dig into these cocktail-inspired crinkle-cut kettle chips flavored like a Moscow mule or Bloody Mary.

You'll want to dunk everything in the Park Street Deli everything-bagel dip.

You've probably heard of everything bagels and everything-but-the-bagel seasoning, and now you can delight your taste buds with this creamy everything-bagel-flavored dip for $3.29 a tub.

It's great for dipping carrots, celery, bell peppers, broccoli, or pretzels, and it would be a fine addition to any charcuterie board.

Make a festive cheese board with these Halloween-themed varieties.

Bring some spooky flair to your next charcuterie board with these Halloween-themed cheeses.

For $3.99 each, you can pick up Bat Knit Crazy Cheddar, Freaky Franken Sage Derby, No Rest for the Wicked Wensleydale, or Scary Pumpkin Spice Wensleydale. 

Grab these Specially Selected wine-pairing chocolates for your next night in.

Wine and chocolate are a classic duo, but not all wines and chocolates complement one another.

Aldi is making it easy to pair your vino and dessert together with this $4.99 box of chocolates selected to accompany specific wines.

Add a flavor boost to all your meals with Priano's infused extra-virgin olive oil.

Infused oils can be pricey, but they're great for topping pizzas, hearty fall salads, or roasted vegetables.

Luckily, Aldi is launching its own line of infused extra-virgin olive oils, including garlic-infused, rosemary-infused, chili-infused, and tomato-, garlic-, and oregano-infused options. Best of all, each bottle is only $2.99.

Crofton's mini cast-iron cookware is a kitchen staple.

Cast-iron cookware can last for years, which makes these $4.99 options at Aldi a steal.

Bake small portions of homemade macaroni and cheese, cornbread, skillet cookies, or apple crumbles in the circular, square, or oval pans. 

Decorate your home with the frightening Venus flytrap.

Perhaps the spookiest houseplant of all, the Venus flytrap is hitting store shelves at just the right time. 

For $4.99, you can make your houseplant collection a little creepier. 

Bring the fall scents indoors with these Huntington Home three-wick candles.

Aldi is releasing Halloween-themed three-wick candles for $4.99 each, with options including Hey Boo, October 31, Keep Out!, and Witches Brew.

Let your furry friend in on the trick-or-treating fun with Heart to Tail's Halloween-themed crunchy dog treats.

Every member of the family can partake in the Halloween festivities, even your dog. Pick up this little bundle of crunchy treats for $3.99 a bag.

And if he's the best of the good boys, your pet can enjoy this festive Heart to Tail frosted dog-bone biscuit.

For $2.99 a treat, your pets can munch on these large, frosted dog bones with a Halloween design. 

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