15 Vegan Desserts Your Kids Will Love

From an influx of vegan-friendly foods and an increased variety of meat alternatives, 2019 was the year veganism went mainstream — and for good reason. According to the report “Top Trends in Prepared Foods 2017” published in June 2017, the number of vegans in America grew by 600 percent from nearly 4 million in 2014 to 19.6 million in 2017. And that number includes kids, too. A UK-based report in 2018 found that one in 12 parents were raising their children as vegan, while an additional 13 percent of families were feeding their children vegetarian diets. All this to say, veganism knows no age — and no meal is off-limits, even dessert. But don’t worry because we’ve found 15 vegan desserts kids will actually love.

Vegan desserts may seem tricky — they can’t include dairy and eggs, after all — but an increasing number of vegan-friendly baking products have been hitting shelves in recent years, making it easier than ever to bake healthy, yet delicious vegan desserts.

From homemade Twix bars and oatmeal cream pies to no-bake peanut butter bars and cheesecake, here are the kid-friendly vegan desserts we can’t wait to make.

Chocolate cake

All you need is one bowl to make the “best vegan chocolate cake.” Made with unsweetened almond milk, apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, and cocoa powder, among other ingredients, this chocolate cake might just be the most moist, richest chocolate cake you ever have.

Oatmeal cream pies

So Much Yum’s vegan oatmeal cream pies are like Little Debbie Oatmeal Crème Pies, only much, much better.

Homemade Twix bars

Kids couldn’t possibly resist a Twix copycat, vegan or not.

Peanut butter banana brownies

Baking You Happier’s vegan peanut butter banana brownies take a mere 10 minutes to prep and only require eight simple ingredients, including over-ripe bananas, sugar, vegan butter, vanilla extract, flour, cocoa powder, salt, and creamy peanut butter.

Cookie dough ice cream

Creamy vegan vanilla ice cream swirled with chunks of vegan cookie dough and sprinkled with chocolate chips: Excuse us while we mop our drool off the ground.

Fudge brownies

You guys, these brownies are made in the blender and made with applesauce and no added sugar. This might just be the easiest — and healthiest — batch of vegan fudge brownies you’ll ever make.

Blueberry poptarts

Kids don’t need to know these vegan blueberry pop tarts are technically healthier than the ones they know and love. One bite, and they’ll be hooked.

Chocolate lasagna

Thick layers of brownies and cream, Ela Vegan’s chocolate lasagna will be a hit with kids and parents, alike.

Cinnamon rolls

Another recipe with just eight ingredients, The Loopy Whisk’s vegan cinnamon rolls are decadent, fluffy, and irresistible.


Because ’tis the season for vegan snickerdoodles.

Chocolate chip blondies

Gluten-free, grain-free, vegan chocolate chip blondies dripping with soft-to-the-touch chocolate chips? We’ll take the whole pan.

Strawberry cheesecake

Nora Cooks’ vegan cheesecake topped with a dollop of strawberries and strawberry sauce uses coconut cream, sugar, cornstarch, vanilla, and lemon juice for the filling, leaving you with 12 slices to share or devour yourself.

Red velvet cheesecake bites

To make It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken’s vegan red velvet cheesecake bites, blend together softened cashews, coconut milk, sugar, cornstarch, apple cider vinegar, vanilla extract, and salt. Divide the mixture into two bowls and then add cocoa powder and red food coloring to one of the bowls. Swirl both mixtures together with a toothpick, bake, and enjoy!

Chocolate peanut butter bars

What makes these vegan chocolate peanut butter bars bookmark-worthy is it requires just four ingredients and requires zero baking. And does it get any better than that?

Funfetti cookie dough

This dessert combines two favorites: funfetti and cookie dough. The best part? You can eat this funfetti vegan cookie dough straight out of the bowl.

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