You've been brushing your teeth all wrong – & why you should NEVER scrub

MANY of us don't think twice when it comes to brushing our teeth in the morning.

After all, it's just become a part of our everyday routine.

So you may be surprised to hear that according to one dentist, we are all guilty of making the same mistakes when it comes to brushing.

Dr Surina Sehgal posted a TikTok video where she writes: "You've been brushing wrong this whole time."

The dentist, who revealed she brushes her teeth for four minutes in the morning and evening, then proceeds to offer her expert advice.

"Do not scrub," she begins.


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"Hold brush on tooth for five seconds then move onto the next."

Next up, she advises holding the brush near the gum line.

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"Brush for minimum two minutes," she recommends.

And it wasn't long before social media users took to the comments to react to the expert's advice.

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"Gonna be giving enough love to each of my tooths," wrote one.

A second enthused: "Yeah thanks I will start doing this right from tomorrow morning."

Meanwhile, others were eager to know other brushing tips.

"Should I rinse out the toothpaste or keep it there?" questioned one.

Dr Surina Sehgal replied: "Leave it there. Don’t rinse just spit."

A further asked for advice for manual brushers, to which the expert replied: "I would always recommend electric but with a manual small circular motions near your gum."

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Another questioned: "In what order do you recommend to floss, brush, scrape tongue & mouth wash?"

Dr Surina Sehgal responded: "Brush then floss then tongue scrape – wait 30 mins then use a mouthwash."

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