You have the eyes of a hawk if you can you spot the moth in less than five seconds | The Sun

PEOPLE are struggling to find a moth hiding on this photo – can you see the elusive insect?

The Reddit post, under sub-reddit "Find The Sniper", has gone viral as internet users struggle to find the well-camouflaged moth.

A user posted a photo of tree bark, and captioned it: "Find the moth."

Some users were quick to spot the light-loving insect, but others have struggled to find it.

One user bragged: "Found it immediately without zooming in."

Another loved the hard-to-find moth photo: "Genuinely impressed and thankful for the high quality of this pic!


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"I enjoyed the search (and the moth is super cute)."

Another found the search to be easy: "Right where it always is.

"Pretty easy one."

The moth seems to be a peppered moth, native to the northern hemisphere in places like Asia, Europe and North America.

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This species of moth has an interesting story behind it's odd pattern.

The moth changed its originally white colouring to a spotted "peppered" pattern after the industrial revolution.

It's thought the evolution was to camouflage with the polluted, sooty buildings where it would try to hide, according to experts.

Another photo of a snowy forest field went viral for hiding an animal that most couldn't see at first glance.

Some branches and a rock can be seen in the bright picture but social media users were left baffled struggling to find the hidden bird.

TikTok user Hectic Nick said: "This picture is not what you think it is.

"Right now it looks like an empty snowy field but I bet you didn't notice the hidden bird!"

One said: "POV: you're searching in the comments for answer."

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