You could be the record holder if you spot the robots hidden in the restaurant in less than 34 seconds – can you? | The Sun

TECHNOLOGY has taken over every aspect of our lives, from cell phones having a permanent place in our hands to TVs at gas station pumps.

And while some modern restaurants may have machines that serve you, this eatery is serving the machines, or rather robots.

RS Components has released a brain teaser which shows a crowded restaurant scene with two unique customers.

Hidden among the crowd of diners are two robots enjoying a meal together.

Scan the tables and see if you can spot anything suspicious about the dinner guests.

The time to beat is 34 seconds, so be sure to look closely as these AI diners are very lifelike.

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If you're at a loss trying to find the out of place table, here's a hint: Look at everyone's eyes.

The two robots have red eyes as well as hinges on their jaws and arms.

Aside from this unique features, the dining robots look identical to their neighbors.

If you need more help, we can reveal the robots are located in the middle of the picture.

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Just three tables from the left and three from the bottom, the robots are dressed similarly to the two females dining elsewhere in the image.

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