You could be the record holder if you spot the dog who's stolen a string of sausages from the BBQ in less than 1 minute | The Sun

AS the good weather sets in, the barbeques have been dusted off and nobody is more excited than your dog.

If your furry friend stares as you enjoy your burger or hotdog, then this brainteaser may be the one for you.

Watch company Toff London have released a series of brainteasers that are sure to leave you scratching your head.

One of the puzzles shows a crowded image of dogs, but only one naughty pup has stolen a string of sausages.

While you try beat the clock, keep in mind there are some red herrings featured in the image.

While many of the dogs have bones in their mouths, some have a ball in a similar color to sausages.

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There are also strings of sausages scattered throughout the picture but only one pooch has secured the prize.

If you're still struggling to find the sausage thief amongst the breeds, we can give you a hint.

To catch the cheeky pup, look towards the bottom right-hand corner of the image.

The culprit is a brown fluffy dog located four dogs from the right frame and two from the bottom.

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The Newfoundland can be seen boldly holding the stolen string of sausages in his mouth.

If you're looking to solve another brainteaser, try to find the remote control in this crowded picture.

And if you want to look for even more furry friends, there are six hidden animals in this image.

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