You can now buy Christmas versions of Mrs Hinch’s favourite Scrub Daddy – and cleaning fans can’t get enough

CLEANING fans are scrambling to get their hands on a very festive special edition of one of Mrs Hinch’s favourite cleaning products.

The Scrub Daddy sponge, which often crops up in the cleanfluencer’s Instagram stories, is now available in a Christmas variety.

  • Scrub Daddy Christmas Special Edition 3 Pack Bundle, £9.99 – buy here

The seasonal scrubbers come in three different festive shapes including a reindeer, a snowflake and a Christmas tree.

The three sponges are fitted with the same FlexTexture® which means the sponge changes based on your water temperature.

In warm water they’re soft and more absorbent and in cool water they’re firm for scrubbing seriously stuck-on messes meaning your dishes will be creepy clean in no time.

Best of all the trio is currently reduced from £11.97 on Packing Sorted down to just £9.99 for the festive bundle including all three of the winter sponges.

The sponges are also available to buy at The Range, Quality Discounts and B&M – and fans are already desperate to get their hands on one even if Christmas is over a month away.

Commenting on the official Scrub Daddy Instagram, one wrote: “Waited all of 5 minutes before I gave in & ordered a set!”

“Omg 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍I just want ASAP” commented another, while a third wrote, “Oh my a must have to my collection”

And Mrs Hinch herself has already bagged herself a set – but she admitted she is using hers as stamps for painting.

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