Woman’s VERY Christmassy weekly food shop arrives… and shows why you should never fall asleep while ordering online | The Sun

IT can be difficult to remember everything you want to order online.

And one mum found out exactly what happens if you fall asleep before amending your supermarket shop – when an Asda truck arrived with just five Christmas boxes of chocolates inside for her.

Joanne Healy took to the Family Lowdown Tips & Ideas group on Facebook to share her hilarious tale.

Alongside a picture of her weekly shop, consisting of a box each of Dairy Milk, Quality Street, Roses, Celebrations and Heroes, Joanne wrote: "Anyone else falls asleep while amending their online shopping so it doesn’t update?

"No? Just me? Done a Asda shop went on last night while I was in bed I was wide awake to amend it but I must of fell asleep because this is all I got."

Joanne added that her mistake meant she hadn't received the rest of the food she needed for the week, or nappies for her children.

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And the tale prompted the sharing of similarly hilarious stories from other commenters on the post.

"I've so done this. One solitary bottle of champagne arrived," one person wrote.

"I'd put it on there just to reach the minimum spend, then totally forgot to add in my real shopping. Luckily the delivery guy had a great sense of humour!"

"Yep, 5 packets of cigarettes for my husband!!!" someone else commented.

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"The delivery man had a good laugh, he said it happens all of the time!!! I thought I'd checked out the whole shop too so a bit of a shock for us all and not really a well balanced diet for the week!!!!"

"Twice I've had a call off my delivery driver saying I only have a bunch of bananas on my order, would I like to cancel?!" a third person wrote.

"Very grateful for those phone calls!"

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