Woman sparks furious debate by asking if others wear their bra to bed & women with big boobs all say the same thing | The Sun

A WOMAN sparked serious debate online by asking other women if they wear their bra to bed.

The woman posed the simple question on Mumsnet out of curiosity but got a passionate response from fellow forum users.

She said she didn't sleep with underwear on, but wanted to know how others dress for their bedtime.

She said: "Does anyone wear their bra in bed? I don't. I know someone who wears a soft bra in bed."

Fellow Mumsnet users seemed completely divided on the topic.

Some couldn't believe that anyone would want to sleep in their bra saying it would be too restricting.

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One woman said: "Nope, why would anyone do that? It's bad enough having to wear it during the day."

Another said: "No. I never even knew it was a thing until I saw a woman doing it on telly and I asked [my husband]."

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A third said: "No and I only have one friend who does.

"I take my bra off as soon as I can and regularly go out without one if I can get away with it. Free the boobies and all that."

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Others were convinced that a soft bra, without an underwire, was the right way to go.

One person said: "Yes. I wear soft bras in bed. I hate the feeling of boobs flopping about."

Another said: "I started wearing a bralette to bed during early pregnancy as my boobs were so sore! Two years later I’m still wearing one as I find it far more comfortable."

A third said: "Yes I wear a soft bralette type thing. Big boobs flapping about and my husband laying on a stray nipple isn’t fun!"

However, many women with big boobs all said the same thing – that they absolutely needed a bra at bedtime.

One person said: "Yes. A soft one as I have enormous breasts and it’s more comfortable."

Another said: "Yes, huge boobs, bloody uncomfortable without."

While a third said: "A sleep bra yes. 32GG though so might be a size thing."

But not all big chested women agreed, as another said she still didn't like to strap herself in.

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She said: "Big breasted girl here and it’s off as soon as I am home and doesn’t go back on until the next morning.

"Even soft ones are less comfortable than free flowing."

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