Woman shares eight easy ways she’s added more wardrobe space in her tiny apartment, but everyone’s saying the same thing | The Sun

WE ALL dream of having a walk-in wardrobe- but reality seems to have other plans for us.

That means we often have to find creative solutions for our clothes, and luckily, one woman has shared her eight tips.

Amy Seder Burkley, from Los Angeles, US, shared eight ways she makes more space for her wardrobe in her tiny apartment – but not everyone is convinced it's necessary.

Sharing her hacks on TikTok, Amy said: "Eight ways to make more closet space in a small apartment, from someone who has been living in apartments for 16 years now because houses now cost a million dollars."

Amy's first tip was a 'hat wall' – she used string secured to the walls with nails and added pegs to clip her collection of hats on to save space.

Next was Amy's sunglasses wall, attaching three acrylic nail polish storage containers, to a wall so she can see her glasses clearly and use minimum ' footprint.'


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"If all else fails just add an extra clothing rack," she suggests.

The clothing rack Amy purchased from Amazon comes with two poles for maximum storing capacity and wheels so it can easily be moved around.

If shoes are more your thing then Amy recommends £15.90 Amazon shoe risers which allow you to stack your shoes on top of each other.

And for maximum storage capacity inside your wardrobe, Amy said thin velvet coat hangers are the only ones that will give you extra space.

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For skirts, shorts and trousers you can you multiple clip hangers to hang five pieces for the space of one, says Amy.

Bathrooms don't always come with a lot of storage for your beauty supplies – but acrylic spinning shelves are a great way to maximise space and make products easily accessible.

Under the bed is another spot not utilised enough explains Amy.

Use storage boxes that easily slide under to store clothes that are out of season that you don't want to get rid of.

Lastly, for your accessory needs, Amy recommends the iconic Ikea Alex storage drawers that cost £115 and putting nails in the wall to hang your necklaces.

While Amy's tips are clever space-saving solutions, many people felt they weren't applicable as the majority of people don't have as many clothes as her.

One wrote: "I got 10 shirts, I'm good."

Another added: "How to maximize space: don’t buy dozens of hats and glasses."

A third penned: "You should try reading about minimalism."

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Others were grateful for the tips, one said: "Hell my master bedroom in my house is just small, this maximizes so much space!! Thank you for the tips."

"Exactly the video I needed to see rn thanks for the tips," another user commented.

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