Woman shares easy hack for stopping dust collecting on her skirting boards & all you need is fabric softener

A CLEANING fan has shared her very easy hack to prevent dust from collecting on your skirting boards, and all you’ll need is fabric softener.

TikTok user Clean Queen shared her tip on her account where it has since received over 150,000 views.

Explaining the hack, she wrote: “Pour some fabric softener on to a cloth and wipe.

“This will stop them from getting dirty so quickly.”

The cleaning fanatic explained to Fabulous Digital that not only will it prevent the build up of dust but the tip will also keep your home smelling amazing.

The video has since gone viral, receiving thousands of likes and comments from the Clean Queen’s grateful followers.

One wrote: “Thank you! I was looking for a hack like this!”

“This will keep me busy tonight” added another, while a third wrote, “One to try!!”

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