Woman shares easy hack for cleaning your filthy shower head and it’ll only cost you a quid

A CLEANING fan has shared her very simple hack to get your grubby shower sparkling using a £1 product.

TikTok user Clean Queen shared her tip after a follower reached out to ask how to get their own hose clean.

Demonstrating her tip, the cleaning fanatic shows off her own shower head which is caked in dried on soap scum.

She begins by pouring white vinegar into a zip-lock bag and placing the hose inside it.

She then ties a hair band around the top of the bag to seal it before leaving it to soak for two hours.

After the two hours have passed she pulls it out to reveal the sparkling new shower head without having to scrub a thing.

The Clean Queen uses Star Drops White Vinegar spray that can be picked up in Tesco for just £1, but any white vinegar should do the trick.

Fans were quick to praise the cleaning fan for her handy tip.

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