Woman proudly shows off her new haircut but when she turns around people’s jaws drop to the floor | The Sun

A WOMAN has gone viral after revealing her new haircut, with people saying it looks like a reverse mullet.

Kelsie Lynes, from California, the US, took to TikTok after forking out for bob-inspired haircut – however, people quickly mocked it, insisting the style was giving major ''Karen'' vibes.

At the start of the now-viral video, the woman could be seen posing to the camera and showing what the cut looked like from the front, with relatively long layers falling past her shoulders.

But the more Kelsie began to turn, the shorter the hair became, and at the back of her head the dark locks were only a few inches long.

This, in turn, gave the hairdo a lot of volume – one that she emphasised even more after curling the hair.

All chuffed and seemingly obsessed with her new haircut, the beauty fan even gave a little dance at the end of the video.

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However, since being posted on her TikTok page, the clip has taken the internet by storm, winning almost 900k views in just two days.

The extreme bob left social media users totally divided – whilst some reckoned it was ''the best haircut ever'', others were totally hair-rified.

Thousands raced to comments, where one joked: ''reverse mullet . Party in the front business in the back.''

Another added: ''well as long as you like it.''

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A third chimed in: ''Final Boss Karen.''

''It’s giving 2007 Posh Spice,'' someone else wrote.

Seconding the ''Karen'' vibes, a TikTok user said: ''She’s already called the CEO.''

Luckily, it seems that Kelsie's not been too bothered about the trolling, as she even chuckled saying she was the manager.

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