Woman orders thigh-splitting wedding dress but what arrives couldn’t be more different, and that's not the only fail | The Sun

SHE wanted to look like the best version of herself on her big day.

But when Lauren received the dress she'd ordered for her wedding from a shop in Utah, it looked vastly different to the one she'd tried on.

She took to TikTok to share her story, showing herself trying on the original dress she fell in love with.

In the picture, she was seen standing on a podium showing off her slender figure in the strapless dress, which featured a thigh-high split.

However, the dress that she was actually given featured a much higher neckline, straps and a definite lack of split.

People in the comments were left stunned as to how the mistake had occurred, with some suggesting the shop had deliberately "mormonised" the dress, while others said they must have ordered the wrong one.

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In the end, Lauren decided to turn to a local seamstress, who recommended someone to "fix" the dress – bringing the neckline down, the waist in and making the split much more obvious.

But her wedding dress wasn't the only drama she had to deal with before her big day.

In another TikTok video, she explained that she'd gone to get Botox in her chin a few days before her wedding – but some of it had seeped into the muscle below her lip.

So, instead of leaving her with a wonky smile, her aesthetician decided to try fixing it by injecting more Botox into the muscle under the lip on the other side, therefore evening things out.

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But the woman was left absolutely hating the results and her new smile, as she explained in a video on her TikTok page while bawling.

As it was just a few days before the wedding, she didn't have chance to get her mouth fixed, so just decided to accept that there will be pictures of her wedding day she won't like.

Lauren added that her photographer had said she would do some bridal pictures after the wedding so that the Botox had time to go away and she could get back to "looking like a normal human being".

"So I'll have another day to dress up and take pictures and all that."

Lauren concluded that her wedding day was "still the best day ever", adding: "I've decided there's way too much expectation for brides to look their best on their wedding day – that is just not…. yeah."

She also received a 50% refund from the owner of the wedding dress store.

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