Woman leaves secret note in date’s bathroom after spotting very obvious clue he’s likely cheating on his girlfriend

IT'S impossible to know everything about a bloke you've just met, but finding out whether or not he's already taken is usually the first step.

Unfortunately for one woman it seems her date failed to mention he had a girlfriend, but it became very clear when she went back to his place that a female is certainly present.

In a video she shared on TikTok, the women claimed she met him at a bar that day and he invited her back to his place for lunch.

But a visit to the bathroom revealed to her that he might very well be taken as she spotted women's sanitary items, which clearly weren't his.

Wanting to get back at him for hiding the fact, she decided to get her revenge by writing a note to the mystery girl and leaving it in the box of pads.

The note read: "Girl he's cheating"

"Ladies if you're watching this, this is a sign to always keep a memo pad and pen on the fridge for easy access," she wrote on the screen.

The video has gone on to rack up over two million views but some remain sceptical suggesting it could be as innocent as him having a female roommate.

"I have a female roommate. Girls think the same thing," one man said.

While others suggested some blokes have female products for when they have guests.

Posting in the comments the woman hit back: "He told me he has a roommate and who am I to argue about it. If this is his roommates, the worst that can happen is they find the dang note."

Some were invested in the story though and were desperate to find out more.

One person said she thinks the woman's choice to leave a note in the man's bathroom was "genius."

"I think this is genius sorry, wish you'd left more context though in case he's innocent!"

"Go back over and let her know," another suggested.

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