Woman gets her filthy oven door sparkling in minutes using damp newspaper and ash from her fireplace

FROM scrubbing away with metal scourers to relying on "miracle" cleaning products, there are countless methods we've used to get our oven sparkling… all with varying degrees of success.

Well brace yourselves cleaning fanatics because we've just discovered the most unlikely ingredient you can use to get rid of unsightly cloudy stains on your oven doors.

That's right, it turns out ASH is the miracle cleaning product we never knew about.

Posting incredible before-and-after photos on the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook group, one woman revealed her genius (and super quick!) technique for cleaning filthy oven doors.

Having already tried rubbing the surface with a dishwasher tablet, the user was amazed by how well ash got rid of the stubborn cloudy stains.

The woman wrote: "OMG it actually worked!

"Damp newspaper and ashes from the fire, took two minutes and just washed off the ashes with a soapy dishcloth."

And while it may seem counter intuitive to make a filthy surface even dirtier, the mildly abrasive nature of wood ash means it can effectively polish silverware, cloudy glass and even metals which have dulled over time.

Unsurprisingly, other members of the group have been equally delighted with the results.

One replied: "Wow! Keeping the ashes from now on! Might even light a fire tonight…"

Another added: "Aww I have a fire and an oven – I'm so impressed, I'm trying this right away."

Meanwhile, other users revealed other clever ways you can use ash.

"I haven't seen this done for years," one wrote. "My grandma used to clean her false teeth this way."

Praising the "brilliant stain remover", a second added: "A bit of damp ash will remove hair dye from the hairline."

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