Woman creates WINE advent calendar using Home Bargain goodies – and other people are all set to copy her

WE ALL look forward to picking up or favourite Christmas advent calendar as the first of December approaches, but this year people have taken to making heir own.

Rather than chocolate or popular make-up and skincare minis,one woman has opted for a selection of wine bottles – one for every day of the month.

She shared a snap of the wooden life-sized Christmas-tree design online and revealed that her dad had made it for her, and that she brings it out every year in the lead up to Christmas.

The amazing tree acts as a wine rack and holds 24 bottles at a time – so the idea is to pop one in there every day so you are fully stocked up for Christmas.

Alternatively, many joked that they'd fill it up to begin with and count down the days until Christmas by downing a bottle a day – which we'd never recommend doing.

In the Home Bargains Appreciation Society Facebook group where thewoman shared her brilliant idea, she also said that she picks up cheapbottles from Home Bargains in order to keep the cost down.

Her dad's handiwork was a hit with group members, as the post has racked up over 4k Facebook likes and has already been shared over 150 times.

Hundreds flocked to the comments to gush about the "amazing" design while suggesting they'd buy one if her dad was making them to sell.

Others joked that they'd need multiple to hold all the wine they had, with one person joking: "Fab idea for someone who has wine in their house long enough to store it in this."

Another person gushed: "I just love that the best advent calendar ever."

While a third admitted: "Now that is one tree my husband would have let me put up early – maybe green for him though."

Praising her dad's craftsmanship, one person wrote: "Your dad is a genius, they would sell like hot cakes !!!"

And another agreed: "Wow this is amazing, something to cherish every year from your very talented Dad xx"

Meanwhile, someone else exclaimed: "Oh my god I need this in my life."

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