Woman completely revives battered, filthy white Converse trainers with £1 paste and they look brand new

A WOMAN has revealed that instead of chucking her filthy old Converse in the bin, she managed to revive them to look brand new using a £1 paste. 

Savvy Samantha Stanley shared before and after photos of the shoes – and it’s hard to believe they are the same pair after her incredible transformation. 

Taking to the Facebook group Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips, she wrote: “Before and after of my nearly 10 year old shoes! 

“Scrubbing pink stuff all over them, rinsing it off and throwing them in the washing machine.

“I've thrown them in the washer time and time again and they still never came out white, or even close to being half decent and always still had stains all over them and got called swamp shoes by my other half. Not anymore!”

Many people were highly interested in her exact process of cleaning the shoes, due to her very successful results. 

Samantha explained: “I used the paste pink stuff! 

“Soaked the trainers, Scrubbed the pink stuff in with a toothbrush, left, for a couple of minutes, rinsed off as I didn't want pink stuff in my washer and just put it on a normal wash at 30 degrees with detergent and softener.

“Hope this helps.”

Currently The Pink Stuff paste is available to buy for £1 from Sainsbury’s, and fans of cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch will know she is also passionate about it. 

Many people were quick to praise the woman for her efforts, and said they were desperate to get hold of The Pink Stuff for themselves. 

One wrote: “They look brand new.”

Another added: “Gunna give this a go.”

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