Woman completely divides opinion by eating pasta with GRAVY – and some say they’d even put cheese on top

A WOMAN has divided opinion with her unusual pasta recipe that sees her topping her dish with gravy.

Kristi D’s unusual dinner was shared on the Facebook page Rate My Plate, where fellow members are invited to pass judgement on other people’s meals.

She shared a snap of the fusilli pasta topped with a heap of steaming instant gravy, captioning it “classic pasta & gravy.”

The post has since gone viral, receiving almost 10,000 likes and over 29,000 comments from fellow group members who had a VERY mixed reaction.

Some admitted that they “loved” it, while others found it utterly repulsive.

Commenting on the post, one offended member wrote: "What the hell is classic about this. Looks like someone had the runs on the pasta."

Another purist wrote: "There is no such thing as "classic" pasta and gravy no such thing, not on any Italian menu in any Italian restaurant, no Italian chef would ever cook it, no mama's secret recipe or not in any Italian recipe book nowhere ever!

"You seriously need to take some cooking classes or just take aways and never ever suggest this abomination (look it up) is a "classic" ever again!"

Agreeing a third added: "I don't know who told you pasta and gravy is a meal, but you should file a complaint."

However, there were a few who were keen to support Kriti's dinner choice.

One said: "I love pasta and gravy, when I tell others they turn their nose up… until they try it."

A second added: "Pasta, gravy AND CHEESE is one of my faves!

"Yep you heard me right… say what you want it's delicious to me."

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