Woman cleans her fat-splattered oven glass using a dishwasher tablet and the results are incredible

A CLEANING fan has shared her method for getting her fat-splattered oven door looking like new with minimal effort. 

The woman revealed the glass in her oven was long overdue a clean, as she shared a snap of the grimy door covered in burnt-on marks. 

Rather than spend hours scrubbing it, she decided to use a dishwasher tablet to lift the grime – and was amazed with the results.

She shared her transformation to Facebook group Cleaning Tips & Tricks, where it’s racked up dozens of likes. 

She said: “I saw a YouTube video where this woman cleans her oven glass with a Finish dishwasher tablet and warm water.

“I’m thrilled with the effort to results ratio.”

And for anyone wanting to copy her method at home, she added: “Just dip the white side in a bit of warm water. . . 

“You don’t want to use hot water because it will dissolve and you actually use the tablet as the scrubber.”

People are thrilled with the results, with one person saying: “Is it weird that this has made me want to clean the oven tomorrow.”

Another wrote: “I may have to buy some! My husband tried to make pizza and it overflowed all over the bottom of the oven. What a mess!”

A third commented: “Thanks! I’ll def try it.”

And already a fan, this person added: “Yes! I discovered this the other day!”

Meanwhile a professional cleaner shows how to get grimy oven doors spotless with NO scrubbing – & all you need is a £3 Amazon buy.

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