Woman claims we’ve been decorating our Christmas trees wrong – but people spot a massive flaw in her ‘secure’ method | The Sun

A WOMAN'S Christmas tree hack has backfired after people spotted a major flaw in her ornamenting tecnhique.

Although it feels like autumn has only just begun, our social media pages are already full of Christmas content, with many sharing tips and tricks, such as how to save cash around this period.

Amongst those offering a helping hand to fellow Christmas fans was a woman who works at TMIGIFTS (@tmigiftsmarketing), a US-based brand that specialises in all things house decor.

Experts in Halloween, Christmas and other festivities, it's safe to say that TMIGIFTS know a thing or two about decorations.

And according to them, we've all been hanging our ornaments wrong – and it's why our Christmas trees don't look as epic.

The employee took it to TikTok to share the hack, where it's gone viral.

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Demonstrating the trick on a white Christmas tree, the young woman said that instead of just hanging the ornaments, you should wrap the string around the branch a few times.

''This is more secure and allows you to fit more ornaments on the tree for a fuller look,'' she explained in the video.

But whilst the hack might make for a more stunning Christmas tree, people were quick to point out to a major flaw in the method.

''Then I’m not going to be able to get it off or it’s going to take longer to take down,'' commented one person.

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Another chuckled: ''There I am after Christmas ripping my tree to bits trying to get them off.''

''Then it will take until next Christmas to remove them,'' a third agreed.

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Someone else thought: ''Yeah no that’s way too much work lol.''

However, it wasn't all negative feedback, as some thanked the whizz for sharing the handy hack.

''Wow this is genius especially with kids,'' a mum penned.

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''I have always done this. It looks so good and you can put so much more on!'' a TikTok user said.

''How am I 38 and just finding this out,'' a woman was stunned.

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