Woman claims she was ‘saved by Kylie Jenner’ after making deadly beauty error and warns others never to do the same | The Sun

A YOUNG woman claimed that she was “saved by Kylie Jenner” after making a deadly beauty error.

Ellen Wang almost burnt her house down after placing her hair curler on top of a plastic makeup palette sold by beauty mogul Kylie. 

She joked: “I owe my life to Kylie Jenner.

“Don’t try this at home kids.”

The 24-year-old had gone on a night out without realising her curling iron was turned up and resting on her makeup palette. 

When she got home a whole day later, she couldn’t believe that the palette had saved her bacon.

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Ellen said on Tik Tok: “So I left my curling iron on last night and it was resting against my palette. 

“And when I got home tonight, which is 24 hours later, I noticed that nothing caught on fire besides this little melted dent on my palette.

“The glue connecting the mirror to the palette is still a little bit melted and everything inside has already been melted.

“But other than that, the bottom is fine.

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“Holy s**t… did Kylie Jenner just save my life?” 

The palette was from the Kylie Cosmetics Kendall Collection – a collaboration between the two Jenner sisters – and had two blushes and highlighters in it.

Its £40 price tag gives better value for money than anyone ever expected after it stopped Ellen’s house from burning down. 

Ellen comically shared an update video using the melted makeup after one person commented: “I’d still use it.”

Others thought her faux pas was hilarious and took the opportunity to make jokes.

One quipped: “Kendall almost became Kandle.”

A second joked: “Kylie the life saver.”

Hair curlers can reach temperatures as high as 300 degrees and cause a house fire if they overheat.

All brands recommend you don’t leave the device on and unattended at any point.

This was also discussed under Ellen’s video, with some not understanding her thought process.

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One person commented: “Are we not gonna talk about the fact she left a hot curling iron on plastic in the first place?”

But others defended that the point of her video was to warn others to always make sure they turn their curling irons off. 

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